The Idiocy of the Bud Light Boycotts

Micah Ward
2 min readSep 25, 2023


Just another example of America’s social media idiocy.

Photo by Brian Yurasits on Unsplash

I think we all know the story by now. Bud Light made a commemorative can and gave it to transgender personality Dylan Mulvaney. Kid Rock got his panties in a wad and machine gunned several cases of Bud Light as a protest, although how his ox was gored eludes me. Country singer Travis Tritt and the right wing then decided that their collective ox was also gored and joined in with Kid Rock. Bud Light’s sales plummeted.

Predictably, Bud Light clumsily tried to back track and undo the public relations nightmare. In doing so they enraged the LGBTQ community who apparently believed bud Light was throwing them under the bus and thus goring their ox. While not calling for a specific boycott they did jump on the anti-Bud Light bandwagon, albeit from the left instead of the right. Bud Light’s sales then plummeted even more.

But in reality, whose ox was actually gored? I’ll tell you.

Anheuser Busch, the parent company of Bud Light, recently laid off over 300 management level employees due to reduced sales. I am not one of those employees and I do not know any of them. But my sympathies lie with every single one.

I have no idea what their financial situations are, but common sense and reality compel me to believe that each one of them needed those jobs. After all, I suspect they had rent and mortgage payments every month. Car payments and medical bills. Children to clothe, feed and financially prepare for college.

Through no fault of their own, over 300 families have to suffer because of America’s idiotic obsession with manufactured social media outrage. I wonder if Kid Rock, Travis Tritt or any of the LGBTQ bigwigs who lambasted Bud Light have offered financial assistance to these families?

If they have then please enlighten me. But I suspect the answer will be a big fat no.

This is a shining example of a type of idiocy that runs rampant in America.

A company decides to give a specific item to a specific person. The item does not go on the shelf for sale, and it does not replace any item on a shelf. It’s a nothingburger people! No one’s ox is gored by this. But outrage is manufactured, and the company is adversely affected, and people lose their livelihood.




Micah Ward

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