In Defense of Florida

Micah Ward
5 min readJan 8

The Florida I know.

Photo by the Florida loving author.

From time to time, I run across articles on Medium that lambast Florida. Some of them are written for that specific purpose while others slip in criticism of the Sunshine State while talking about other issues.

I get it. Not everyone likes the same places, events, people, weather, landscape or general vibe.

But I like Florida. No, let me amend that statement. I love Florida. And here are some of the reasons why.

Take a look at that opening picture. Sunset over a marsh on an unnamed island where I spent four years of my retirement. I won’t name the island out of respect for the people still living there. People who prefer that it not be discovered any more than it already has been. It’s a barrier island thirteen miles long and two miles wide. One bridge on the north end and another on the south end. The strip of land you see in the distance is mainland Florida.

Some of the criticisms I read about Florida involve Disney, high rise condos, endless strip malls and every type of tourist trap imaginable. And yes, all those things exist. But if you get away from them you just might encounter the Florida where the real character and characters exist.

Take for example, the Kit Kat.

Photo of Christmas decorations at the Kit Kat by author.

The Kit Kat is one of the most unique establishments where I have had the pleasure of hoisting a libation. It sits right on the edge of the above pictured marsh. Its ownership is slightly murky as far as I understand it. It’s considered a private club and requires a yearly membership fee. To visit the Kit Kat, you must be a member or the guest of a member. Guests may not purchase a drink, but a member may purchase one for you and all purchases are cash only.

There is a keypad at the front door and only members are given the code. Yes, the Kit Kat has a locked door that requires a code. It is also decorated in a south Pacific motif that hasn’t been updated since the turn of the 21st century. But that is all part of the charm.

The members are of course, locals and many of them show up on Friday nights with platters of homemade…

Micah Ward

Micah is a retiree who writes, runs, prays and enjoys craft beer in the rolling hills of central Tennessee. He goes to the ocean when he can.