First, do no harm.

I recently received my Medicare card. As milestones go, it’s right up there with the appearance of grey hair and the first Viagra prescription. I can’t say that I was surprised to see it arrive in the mail. After all, my 65th birthday is right around the corner. But opening the envelope and seeing that red, white and blue card really brought home the fact that I am approaching the back end of my life.

If I follow my parents and grandparents example, I can count on another twenty to thirty years. That’s not bad. I’ll…

The Senior Olympics that is.

It used to be called the Senior Olympics. Now it’s known as the National Senior Games. If this conjures up an image of tottering geezers sedately playing shuffleboard for plastic trophies think again.

The National Senior Games is an Olympic-style event with competition in seventeen individual sports, three non-ambulatory sports and six team sports. Yes, shuffleboard is included along with more vigorous pursuits such as swimming, bicycling, track and field, basketball, volleyball, pickleball and soccer. Participants must be at least fifty years old and meet some pretty stiff qualifying standards. …

You are so right. I once read that the key to growing old gracefully is to always have something to look forward to. But I'm taking my sweet time getting to each of those things.

Yes, I’m talking to you.

Why do we drive each other nuts? It’s not enough that we have political rancor, religious disputes, social justice wars and climate change to stress us out; we also aggravate each other on a daily basis in so many little ways.

If you are looking for the answers to all of those big issues you won’t find them here. I’m just a simple guy living a simple life and trying really hard to not add more stress to anyone else’s day. There is very little I can do to have a major impact on most…

While living in Florida I rounded a turn in a trail to find an alligator that stretched from one side of the trail to the other. At least 10 feet long. I also watched a large hawk challenge a buzzard for some unidentified corpse. The hawk won.

It took over a year.

In November of 2020, I wrote about my year long rehab from a pinched nerve and the triumph of running an entire mile. A month later I wrote about making it to the milestone of running twice that distance. Today, I write about the most important milestone yet.

I made it to three miles. A slow three mile run, not on dramatic trails or beach, but in my suburban neighborhood just south of Nashville. It wasn’t the distance of this run or the pace or the location that made it a milestone. …

Don’t try a 24-hour ultramarathon on no training.

It happened on National Beer Day, April 7, 2015. After celebrating at several microbreweries in Colorado Springs, I returned home and began perusing the local race calendar on my laptop. And there it was, the Palmer Lake 24-Hour. It was that very weekend, so I thought, why not? Well, here is why not. It had been over two years since my last ultramarathon and six months since any run over seven miles. But it was a 24-hour race, so if I walked a lot, surely I could cover marathon distance and then adjust from there.

So, I did the dumb…

The terror of winning a race.

In September of 2010, I won the POAG Hot Pursuit 5K Road Race. Yes, that’s right; I won a race. Let me explain.

Before retiring I was a special agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Any state or local law enforcement officer in Georgia is eligible to join the Peace Officers Association of Georgia, also known as POAG. The POAG holds an annual convention, usually in August or September, and usually at a location on the Georgia coast. One of the events at the convention is the annual running of the Hot Pursuit Road Race. It is billed as…

Neither concerns money.

Let’s go ahead and get the money question out of the way so we can discuss the important issues. It goes without saying that certain financial means are needed in order to retire. How much and how to achieve those means is not the point of this article. If you are serious about retiring at some point in your life then there are many ways to build your nest egg. How big that egg needs to be is a personal matter. It could depend on several factors and one is certainly the lifestyle that you want to…

Warning: This isn’t rocket science people.

I recently saw a headline that read “How to Run Uphill.” Really? Are there people who have to be told how to run uphill?

I began running and reading about running in 1977. Over the years I have watched this simple activity be examined, dissected, autopsied, discussed, studied, debated and argued over from every angle possible and to levels of nit picking that defied logic.

While thinking about the absurdity of instructing someone on how to run uphill, I decided to put my years of experience and knowledge to work. Herewith, I answer ten…

Micah Ward

Micah is a retiree who writes, runs, prays and enjoys craft beer in the rolling hills of central Tennessee. He goes to the ocean when he can.

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